Saturday, March 8, 2014

Amazing Amazonite

Amazonite is such a beautiful stone!!  Whether a motley pattern, blue-green or green. you are just drawn in by the sheer beauty!!  It just soothes me when I look into it, and as a Water Element Gemstone, Soothing, Calming and Cooling are a few of the buzz words.

Amazonite stimulates the Heart and Throat Chakras [4th and 5th] which boils down to a Gemstone that can aid you to speak your truth--straight from the Heart.  Keywords are Truth, Communication and Harmony.  The name is derived from the Amazon River in Brazil.  The one pictured is from Brazil [and can be made into a beautiful SilkWire Jewelry Silk and Copper Cord Necklace by request].

I had a seeeee-ree-ous rash break out on my forearm with eczemic-like tendencies [like eczema but a made up word, I just love doing that lol heck, it probably is eczema!] and to top it off, I had been having pain in that area as well as in my elbow from jackin' up a nerve.  I'm like, ok, no more sciatica [thanks to Acupuncture, Ortho-Bionomy and my trusty Selenite and Calcite [post coming soon] but now I've got a pinched nerve somewhere in my arm????!!!!  RATS!  One particular night the pain decided to drive itself up from an 8 to a 20 on the Richter Scale.  Started rummaging around in my brain for cooling stones...BING! spotted an Amazonite in my stash and slapped that baby on to the rash.  Akin to pouring water on a fire, it wasn't long before it had chilled out the angry welts AND dulled the pain both there and in my elbow.  I used the Amazonite for a while with nice results but it was a huge challenge keeping it in place, it kept falling out of the wraps and I was afraid it would eventually break so I didn't use it long enough to see whether it would clear up my eczemic issue :-)  However, I am mad-Grateful for the relief it gave me cause there was nothing else on hand that night.

On the physical tip, Amazonite is said to assist cellular regeneration and healing from trauma, gout, and arthritis [the Book of Stones].  Called 'The Stone of Harmony' when in need of a Gemstone to soothe and help to find the Harmony Within and stress-relief, Amazonite is a wonderful choice.

Amazonite Ring of Copper Wire ©2014 SilkWire Jewelry/Jacquie Bird All Rights Reserved

There's a healin' of the Earth y'all. 
Let us be mindful in thought, word and deed. 
Be kind to yourself, others and to Gaia.
Thank you for reading :-)
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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Love Letter: Frank Hatchett, A Life Gem

A Legend left us yesterday.  Frank Hatchett, A Titan in the Dance World.  And this is my Love Letter to him, my Life Gem.  I am Eternally Grateful to that Legend for what he was and is to my Life both as a professional dancer-performer and as a Human Being.   He was a Force in my Life for over half of my years on the planet.  He has touched, shaped, shifted, molded, inspired, and taught countless beings WORLDWIDE from novices to pros, from babies to well-seasoned seniors.  Frank Hatchett was a Titan of a man but he was known as Papa Frank to most of us.

I met Frank in the summer of '80 freshly out of college the year before and was a hard core Modern Dancer looking to make my mark in the entertainment industry.  I had been introduced to Jazz Dance while at City College in NYC and steered into the American Dance Machine, by an early mentor Buzz Miller and started learning quickly under the iron eye of Lee Theodore.  Hung there for a bit but found it wasn't a good fit so I decided to check out this teacher I had been hearing about at Jo Jo's Dance Factory.  I kept hearing how 'Fierce' his classes were and decided to trot on down to what later became the foundation of the original Broadway Dance Center at 1733 Broadway between 55/56th Streets on the 4th floor [OOOOOOHHHHHH THAT ELEVATOR WAS SCARY! NO MORE THAN 6 FOLKS OR YOUR BUTT MISSED CLASS SWEATIN' IN THERE!!!]  Anywho, if memory serves me right it was the fall of '79 and unbeknownst to me at the time, it would be almost a full 8 months before I actually saw or met the man and if my recollection is off a bit it sure felt that long!  Ok, so no Frank Hatchett, but my bestie Sheila Barker and I at the time became the assistants of HIS assistant, a guy name Randy who was teaching all of the classes in Frank's absence [and I can not for the life of me remember his last name lol] but we were quickly a part of the VOP family without the head VOPPER knowing who the heck we were!  Eventually and rather quickly, each of us had a schedule of the classes we would lead the warm-up for then Randy would come in and teach class.

Frank called Sheila and me "the Bookends" or "Frick and Frack" because you never saw one without the other, though I never knew who was Frick or who was Frack and by the time we finally met him though I was sure he'd like us cause we were two badddddd mama-jammers Frank had a way of chopping you down a peg or two or three or four and upon that first meeting I...wasn't so sure.  He was like, 'this is them?' Randy was like 'yeah' and though I don't even remember an adjustment period he didn't seem as taken with us as I was but since he didn't boot us out the building and retained us for his staff I couldn't exactly breathe a sigh of relief cause working for him was like being shot out of a canon as he was the wick, the flame and the BOOM!  My Life had truly started, I was in the BIG LEAGUES NOW.

Under his tutelage,  I learned how to "SELL IT" lingo for be BOLD, stand OUT and TALL, MAKE them SEE you.  DEMAND they see you.  And he paid generously too, I mean $25.00 for a 90 minute class was a LOT of money for a 22 year old back in those days, it enabled me to do so much.  He opened me to a WORLD of up and comers; folks already pro and everyone in between. so So SOOOOOO many talented peeps, his classes were a venerable Who's Who and it was commonplace to see a name like Brooke Shields gettin' her VOP. on for people clamored to be taught by the great man.  The classes were PACKED, the pumps were HIGH, the music was LOUD, the dancing FIERCE.  He even had live musicians and when that happened ohhhh CHILE you HAD to get your dance on!  My husband at the time was one of the guys, him, along with Don on percussion and Don Tipton on the keys oooooooohhhhhh WE!  Those were the DAYS!  If you were serious about your craft you would WANT to be up and through Frank Hatchett's class at Jo Jo's Dance Factory [which became Hines-Hatchett [Maurice Hines] then the original Broadway Dance Center].  3:30 ADV Class y'all cause the par-tay was ON.  And I was there to see and experience it all.  There will never be a time like that again. Ever.

Waiting to go on at a club for a late night performance. The makeup was just lovely!

This was a club that became Chippendale's. What a performance this was! I still have the umbrella from it!!

Beyond the dance studio, what this man was to me was EVERYTHING.  He was my dad when my own didn't want me, he provided generous financial support by hiring me for everything he did back in those days so I had a steady stream of income and he gave a damn.  Sometimes too much of one lol but I knew he cared.  He inspired my teaching style too BIG time.  He was a tough task master and would yell at you at the top of his lungs when displeased which was magnified cause he was a BIG imposing Male Masterpiece. 

This is a card I created for his 71st birthday to say thank you for everything

Oh yeah, he called me "The Brat" and at the end of a show, each dancer had to choreograph and perform 2 counts of 8 as a featured highlight [OH GAWD HOW WE HATED DOING THAT!!!] and he would yell out your name and off you'd go.  So can you imagine when it was my turn hearing someone yell "AND THE BRAT!"  But that was ok 'cause I gave as good as I got lol, I called him "Froggie" tee hee after I proclaimed he looked like Kermit The Frog who was on a birthday card I'd given him.  I was a bit of a defiant child lolol!

EVERY single job I got in my abundant performing and teaching career stemmed from my association with Frank.  Every single last one of them.  Here is an exerpt from a crazy wonderful recommendation he wrote on my behalf:

"...because of the strong qualities that I see in her, I have consistently called her to teach classes for me at Broadway Dance Center, whenever my travels take me away from New York City. Jacquie Bird would be a great asset to your dance program, or any professional dance company of high caliber..."
                                                                                                   --Frank Hatchett, Dance Legend

He was my cheerleader and supporter.  I am Grateful.  Forever.

Fast forward to the brain tumor--it was benign and a source of humor as he would say when it came to remembering anything "well you know, I had a brain tumor" meanwhile his memory was better than most lol!  He could pull up anything in his memory banks.  I remember being so scared after his surgery, and 6 days after I had no way of knowing what he'd be like--can he speak? will he be ok? will he know who I am????  I walk into the room and see a grey bearded man that I don't recognize [he was ALWAYS clean-shaven except for his mustached days] and very weak which threw me as he was always larger than LIFE.  His eyes were closed.  What to do?  I didn't want to wake him so I stood quietly at the foot of his bed.  I didn't have to wait long, his eyes slowly open, they focus on me and I hear "ohhhhhhh lorrrrrdddd!" replete with eye rolling.  He's okay, my Froggie is OKAY!  That was a most wondrous reaction I could get, our pick at each other relationship is still intact!  I am Grateful to be allowed to be an observer and participant in his long journey back on the rehab trail.  I went to see him once a week for about a year and we grew so close, not as teacher and student, assistant and choreographer or employer and employee but as a two Beings on a Human Journey.  I was witness to the Claiming, the Rebirth and the Growth of Frank Hatchett the Man, the Person.  I am Grateful.  Forever.

Me, Froggie and Ida at the rehab center after the brain tumor.

We remained close after he completed rehab and moved back to Springfield, MA where the VOP was born, and though he was born in Danville, VA December 7, 1935 he is and will always be a child of Springfield.  We continued to speak on a regular basis and he never hung up without say "I Love You" and I to him.  I am Grateful.  He was such an amazing support and will always be Froggie, my Papa Frank.  At one point I had convinced him to let me help him write his autobiography--I had bugged him for years so when he relented I almost fell off my chair!  We had begun discussion and started gathering things--he even began to announce it publicly, but he started to lose steam and passion for the project for various reasons.  He has injected so many of us with his Dynamic Essence, his Legacy lives on in us and will for generations to come.

Froggie acting up for the camera at Hines-Hatchett
Our relationship came full circle this past August when I danced as his assistant at a reunion for the great Bernice Johnson aka B.J. another mover and shaker, a Dance Titan who mentored him and gave him a place to stay when he came to NYC. He told me that was one of the reasons he made it his business to be a giver--he himself had been given much in his early dancing days and had a few Forces in his life that guided, inspired and protected him. It had been so long since I had danced, let alone having to remember the choreography of another and I really wondered if I would pull it off as we weren't going to work on it prior to the class, it was gonna be like dictation AY YI YI!! Would I remember anything? And I knew he would yell at me lol. Oh...what was I worried about?  Yeah, he fussed at me a couple times but I didn't care, OMG I had so much fun that day, it was like old times! It was the last time I would see him. But we did speak a few times and we both knew how we felt about the other.  

Back in his performing days. Frank created a lot of work for himself.

Frank saying something real off to Maurice Hines. It was fabulous watching these two after so many years had gone by, they hadn't missed a beat.

Froggie playing around after teaching at Broadway Dance Center in 2005 when it was on 57th St.

I asked to get a picture, I am Grateful to have one of us together for the last time.

Working with the team who would demonstrate his routine at the Dance Teacher Summit summer 2011. I'm next to him with the red well really orange hair. Photo courtesy of James Alexander, Sneakpeak Photography 
Doing the warm-up of Frank's master class for B.J.s reunion. I am in the lunge & BOY were my legs cursing me out! Back in the day he would make you sit in those stretches for eons if he ran the warmup YIKES!
Me & my Froggie.

Let the people in your life know you love them. Pick up the phone. If a lot of time has gone by, call them, it could give you both so much Joy. I LOVE YOU FROGGIE, I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL FOR YOUR TEACHING, ARTISTRY, MENTORSHIP AND GUIDANCE, SUPPORT, FATHERLY ATTENTION, FRIENDSHIP, LOVE AND LAUGHTER.

Yours Always, Your Daughter

Jacquie Bird "The Brat"

               11:58 PM December 23, 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Lesson in Perspective

I had a simple & beautiful lesson at the end of my yoga practice about perspective. I fill one of my Tibetan Singing Bowls with water & put lavender oil in it. Been doing this for awhile but yesterday after I finished playing it & the water became still, I noticed an incredible rainbow (3 of them in fact) that I had never seen before. Then I realized I was looking at the water from a different angle, a different perspective. Made me ask the question: how many rainbows can we see in a moment if we shift/change the angle in which we gaze at the situation, & thus at our lives? I intend to find out <3

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Of Hand and Spirit, An Artisan Holiday Boutique in Brooklyn

Come on down to get your holiday shopping groove on! 

Picture Artisans with unique creations amidst offerings of wellness, the innovative fashion designs of Gureje; JewelryArt, music and a cash bar melding into an intimate and soulful way to shop during the crazy crush that is the holiday season.  Of Hand & Spirit, An Artisan Holiday Boutique is the brainchild of Jacquie Bird, owner/creator of SilkWire Jewelry, in collaboration with the fashion designer ‘Jimi Gureje. 

Running for four Saturdays throughout the month of December--7, 14, 21 and 28 from 2:00-8:00 and on Thursday December 26 from 3:00-8:00.  Nestled in Gureje’s Art CafĂ© at 884 Pacific Street between Washington and Underhill Avenues in Prospect Heights near the border of Clinton-Hill and in the vicinity of the Barclay Center.

"I wanted to create a soulful and relaxed shopping experience, as cool as being at home doing online shopping that features Artisans who create their items right here in the U.S.A.”  says Ms. Bird, “as we are preparing for a hectic holiday season, I wanted to create an atmosphere where shopping for the holidays was in an intimate setting to promote wellness and present innovative artisanal designs to the New York community.”  In addition, shoppers are entertained throughout the month with musical performances ranging from soulful jazz to an Egyptian Belly Dance."  AND, you can get your drink on with Hot Toddies, Cocktails, etc.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Marvelous Moonstone

'Oh they're just rocks!' many feel when you say Gemstones and Crystals have beneficial properties, but those of us who work with them know differently. Part of my mission with this blog and my JewelryArt is to connect like minds in sharing and also to educate by letting folks know Gemstones and Crystals are very viable options in the buffet that is Natural Medicine. Case in point: I actually bore witness to a person going from feeling crappy to feeling better in moments!  Just by holding a Crystal.  Oh yeah, here's the important ingredient--holding the Crystal with Intention and Focus.  A friend was experiencing KBSMMC--KICK-BUCKET SCREAMIN' MIMI MENSTRUAL CRAMPS.  Now fellas, obviously this isn't something you experience, but you get the fallout each and every month if there's a lady in your life who suffers with PMS.  Ohhhhhh LAWD!  Anywho, searched among my SilkWire Jewelry, found the Moonstone Ring of Wire and held it between my hands with the Intention to assist, then pressed it into her left hand saying something mysterious-like, 'commune with her and ask for assistance, now wear it.'  She complied and at my suggestion, rubbed on her abdomen as the ring was on her hand.  I went on runnin' my mouth at whatever the heck we were riffin' on and after a few moments, she declared in wonder, "I'm feeling better!  They're starting to go."  Then after about an hour or less, girlfriend's cramps were gone, she just had some residual lower back aches, but for the rest of the afternoon nary a mention about pain was uttered.  Boo-YAHHHHHH!

moonstone gemstone, copper wire ring, SilkWire Jewelry
Moonstone Ring of Copper Wire ©2013 SilkWire Jewelry/Jacquie Bird All Rights Reserved
Much of what we see as Moonstone is a milky white stone with a blue luminescence but to get that, I was told the stone is treated with acid.  Natural Moonstone ranges from white to blue to everything in between. 

The Many colors of Moonstone on Angel's table
Moonstone is said to powerfully affect the female reproductive cycle and alleviates menstrual related agonies.  Linked to fertility and assisting issues with the digestive system, Moonstone is also said to assist both women and men in attuning to their feminine energy.  Keywords are Mystery, Intuition, Insight, Self-Discovery, Empathy, THE GODDESS.

On another tip, I have read the Moonstone Gemstone can shine a light on the negativity Within which arises as bad moods from negative thoughts, and is also said to calm overreaction to situations. This was corroborated by a sister who wears another SilkWire Jewelry Moonstone Ring of Wire.  She told me that she noticed that the Moonstone magnified her bad moods. Fellas I hear y'all sayin' "uh-UHHHHH, ain't gonna buy my lady THAT stone, DANG, it was sounding so promising for a minute aw man..." but have heart guys, here's the positive side to that--she also realized the amplification of negativity came to the fore only to show her, thus reflecting on the outside that which resided in her thoughts and she needed to be a more Conscious Creator of her Experiences.  Since she was aware enough to peep what was happening, she was able to give herself an attitude adjustment.  Which is the whole point.  Beings becoming more aware of self.  So you see fellas, Moonstone is a happen' thang!

And, for those of you who work with Moonstone, what are some experiences you noticed as a result of your partnership? 

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There's a healin' of the Earth y'all. 
Let us be mindful in thought, word and deed. 
Be kind to yourself, others and to Gaia.
Thank you for reading :-)


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